The Blessing of Motherhood

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The Blessing of Motherhood

The Blessing of Motherhood

Genesis 3:20  And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.

God is the Creator of all things. Part of His creation on day six was the creation of the woman. We are told that He allowed Adam to discover there was no help meet for him. God knew all about this, but Adam needed to know this. No animal could meet the companionship needs of Adam. No animal could fulfil God’s design for man to be fruitful and multiply.
The Bible tells us that God brought the woman to Adam and he called her Eve. We are told that Adam chose that name because Eve is the mother of all living. Adam would never have had any children without God providing this help meet for him. God blessed Eve with children. Humanity would not have been complete without God’s creation of the woman.

Psalm 113:9  He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.

It is God’s design for a woman to marry and to become a mother. Not all women marry. It is not a sin to remain single. It is a sin to move in with a man and not marry him. Too many children are being brought into this world through ungodly relationships and those children suffer due to this rebellious attitude.
The Psalmist recorded that God makes the barren woman to keep house. He does not make her to go and become the CEO of some company. Her place is in the house. We live in a small town and not far from a daycare facility. It is sad to notice how many vehicles go past our place on the way to that daycare. Many mothers are abandoning their children by dropping them off at such a facility and allowing ungodly employees to brainwash those children from a young age. Of course the mothers are also ungodly and have chosen their own selfish desires over that which God designed them for.
If a woman marries and is not able to bear children, she can take that to the Lord and she can also accept His will for her. We know in Bible times, that married women wanted to have children. In Genesis 30:1 we read that Rachel wanted to bear children, but God had not opened her womb at that time. Of course in that passage we know there was a battle going on between Rachel and Leah. Jacob had taken two wives and they each had a handmaid and Jacob had children from all of them. Leah was blessed with children first and Rachel was jealous of her sister and she desired a child as well. Rather than trusting God, she encouraged Jacob to take her handmaid and have a child with her. She assumed she could then take that child and call it hers and that this would be a blessing from the Lord.
Jacob’s situation was not according to God’s design. God’s design is given to us in Genesis 2:24.
Motherhood is a blessing that God provides for the married woman. We read in Psalm113:9 that God makes the barren woman to be a joyful mother of children. The married woman expects that she will become a mother. It may not happen, but this is part of the expectation in marriage. The married woman can be a joyful woman if she knows the Lord and realizes the blessing of child bearing.

Proverbs 1:8  My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother:

We see also that the mother has a law that she needs to pass on to her children. That law will be consistent with the instruction of the father. It will be the law of God. The mother has much opportunity to influence her child(ren). If she is a mother, she has a full time responsibility to keep the house. Her husband will be out providing for the needs of the household and the children will be at home with her throughout the day. There is house work to do and gardening to do. There are many duties that a mother will find to look after. The children need to be trained in the fear of God and they need to learn the responsibilities that are part of life. Children are not deprived if they are taught how to make their beds and clean up toys and help with chores around the house. They are deprived if they are set before the T.V. or the cell phone or computer and waste their time playing games.
The godly mother has a great opportunity and responsibility to guide those young minds in the fear of the Lord. This opportunity and responsibility begins before the child is even conceived. It is important for the mother to be a godly woman. She needs to walk in the fear of the Lord. It is important to sit with that young child and read from the Word of God to that child. Throughout the day there are many opportunities for the mother to teach Biblical principles to the child as she works with him or her.
God designed the family. When we listen to Him and learn of Him we can enjoy the blessings He has designed for us. For those mothers reading this today, take the opportunity to thank the Lord for giving you the privilege of being a godly mother. If you are not a godly mother, why not turn to God today and ask Him to save you and then you can learn how to be a godly mother. Your children need that godly influence from you. They will have input from their father as well, but the mother’s place cannot be ignored or diminished. Give God His rightful place in your heart and life and rejoice in His blessings to you today.
Pastor Bartel

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