Be Careful What You Promote

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Be Careful What You Promote

Be Careful What You Promote

Job 13:1  Lo, mine eye hath seen all this, mine ear hath heard and understood it.
2  What ye know, the same do I know also: I am not inferior unto you.
3  Surely I would speak to the Almighty, and I desire to reason with God.
4  But ye are forgers of lies, ye are all physicians of no value.

Job continued in this chapter by reminding his three friends that truth was not sealed up with them. They had tried to establish themselves as the “go to counsellors”. They accused Job of lying and of being proud. They were sure that if he would repent, God would restore health to him. We need to know that God is much greater than we are and things must be done His way.
In verse 3 Job continued to make his request for an opportunity to speak to God. He called Him the Almighty. God is Almighty. He is to be exalted in all things. Job desired to reason with God. Job did not want to talk to these men about what he was facing. He had heard their opinions and they were worthless. Job knew what his testimony was. He was not claiming to be without sin. He was not claiming to be above the need for correction. However, he did not understand what was happening to him at this time, nor did he understand why it was happening. He longed to take up his cause with the Almighty. He needed patience in dealing with his current situation. That is an easy thing to say when a person is not facing what Job faced. It is important to learn from the book of Job so that we can be prepared to trust God in whatever situation we are in. Job’s life was in God’s care. He was a child of God. God declared that. God had not left him alone in his trials. He would soon know this.
In verse 4 Job accused these men of being forgers of lies. They were twisting the truth and using God’s Word as a whip to promote their false theology. Job did not have a Bible or a concordance to search. We know that he feared God and eschewed evil. To eschew evil is to hate evil. Job was not one who had such an open mind that he would look for the good in all things. He knew there was a body of truth and he knew that there was also a body of evil. He did not try to mix the two together.
Job further accused these men of being physicians of no value. From time to time we read of a doctor or a nurse that manages to get into a hospital and work there without having the proper papers to prove they are actually qualified for that work.
What is worse is when doctors and nurses reject the truth and choose to follow the lies of the WHO and evil governments.
Even worse than this problem, is the spiritual deception that is being pedalled. Job’s three friends were liars. They were “spiritual doctors” without a cure. They had no answers. They abused the Word of God for their own selfish ends.
There has been an event taking place in the U.S. over the past several days that needs to be addressed. This event has been classified as a work of God. It is being called a Holy Spirit revival. It began with a message preached in a university chapel on February 8. Those who have bothered to check out that message should be able to see the disaster that was fostered with that message. It was a distortion of a text from Romans 12. In that message, the “preacher” made some major theological errors. He was preaching to a student body that was obviously not trained in the Word of God. The university is classified as a “Christian” university, but that is in name only. It is a Wesleyan school that has some major doctrinal flaws. They promote women preachers and speak out against the patriarchal system that God clearly reveals throughout the Bible. They also reject the Biblical Creation account.
This man chose to pray to Jesus and then to the Holy Spirit. The Bible is very clear that all prayer needs to be addressed to God the Father in Jesus’ name. We are never told to pray to Jesus or to the Holy Spirit. No one in that school, staff or student, was concerned about the erroneous teaching in that message. At the end of that message, the so-called revival is supposed to have broken out.
Some have referred to this as a type of the events that took place at Pentecost in Acts 2.
In Acts 2 God did a new thing. He sent the Holy Spirit to indwell the apostles to equip them for the ministry they were called to. The apostles spoke in tongues, which were recognizable earthly languages. The people present heard them speak in their own language.
In Acts 2:14 Peter began to preach a powerful message that was blessed of God. In verse 37 we read that the people were pricked in their heart and they wanted to know what they needed to do. In verse 38 Peter told them they needed to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Peter said that if the people would genuinely get saved, they would receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
You will notice that there was no music involved in this event. There was sound Biblical preaching. The Word of God brought conviction to the hearts of the people through the convicting work of the Holy Spirit. You will notice as well that after this convicting work, there still was no music. The people repented and were saved and baptized. We read:

Acts 2:41  Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.

There was a willing reception of the truth by about three thousand souls. After this happened, there still was no music. There was a continuation in the apostles’ doctrine, etc.
For those who have observed what has happened at the university in Kentucky, there has been no preaching. There has been no continuing in the apostles’ doctrine because the apostles’ doctrine was never used in the first place. You cannot continue in something you did not start with. The whole event has been driven by the students. It is emergent type music and supposedly there has been repentance and confession of sin taking place.
Strangely there has been no acknowledgement of the false doctrine that dominates the teaching of that school. They have admitted that there has been tongues speaking taking place. Biblical tongues ceased by the end of the first century. There has been no repentance of the rejection of God’s order.
Things in the supposed revival in Kentucky have no resemblance to what we read in Acts 2.
We can go back to Exodus 32 and read of Aaron’s sin of leading the nation of Israel into idolatry. There was music there. The Bible describes it as “noise”. Moses, the man of God was moved to anger by what he saw. This was not a movement of God. This was a work of the devil to try to destroy the people. In verse 33 of that chapter we see that the LORD was not pleased with what the people had done. He stated that those who had sinned would be blotted out of His book. This was a serious affront to the true God.
What has been taking place in Kentucky has been an affront to God for a long time. This latest event is just a continuation of a rejection of the true God and an exaltation of false teaching. The majority of those who have either been to Kentucky or witnessed this thing otherwise, have been a voice of approval. There are even some Baptist pastors who have been swept up with this thing in Kentucky.
We have the Word of God. Job had enough of the Word of God to know that what his “friends” were telling him was a lie. He knew they were physicians of no value. Job was not mean-spirited. He was directed by God to help these men to see that what they were doing was wrong.
They refused to listen to Job. Job was sitting in ashes and covered in boils. What could he possibly teach these self-righteous men. That was what they assumed. We have the rest of the book of Job and we know that Job was right and they were wrong.
We can know the truth today as well. The multitudes that have flocked to Kentucky to indulge in the events taking place there, need our prayer. They are deceived. They are hungry, but they are not being guided by truth nor into the truth.
Those that are God-called pastors need to be willing to feed the “sheep” that God sends their way. There is no need to fall for this kind of stuff. There may be people who would take great offence to what I have written here. If you are saved and will take the Word of God in Its context you will see that what I have said is true. You will also see that what has been broadcast about this event is not of God. It is not loving to be silent and just allow people to experience things the way they want to. I cannot and will not try to physically stop anyone from following this stuff. However, as a servant of God, I must be faithful to Him regardless of whether people like it or not. Jesus stated that the truth shall make you free.
Let us be people who seek the truth.

I Thessalonians 5:21  Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

II Timothy 1:13  Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.

Pastor Bartel

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